Site Search for your website 🚀

You have a website and want your visitors to find what they are looking for? You want to enable your website's visitors to find an up-to-date version of your content, even if you update your site on a daily basis or several times a day? You do not want to bother your IT to operate yet another service and just use a fully managed out of the box Site Search solution?

Why do I need a fully managed Software as a Service Site Search solution?

With an SaaS Site Search you do not need to deploy and operate yet another service to power your Site Search. As a sophisticated Site Search is not something you just turn on expecting it to work reliably without investing substantial ongoing operational effort to keep it running and continuously providing compelling search results. Actually a reliable Site Search requires continuous monitoring, not only for its pure availability but also to assure outstanding search results no matter how your content changes. All this is provided through a continuously tuned Site Search that seamlessly integrates into any website. The Site Search' searchbar design and layout can be adjusted to fit any website's theme, so it does not look like a 3rd-party solution. Our FAQ provides you with more specific details on how do that and further information on our Site Search offering.

Getting your Site Search for your own website is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

  1.  Try it - evaluate your Site Search free of charge for three months and without any further commitment! Using the interactive evaluation gadget, you can crawl your site without going through a lengthy registration process or reaching out to a sales team and outline your use case. Just enter the URL of your site and start finding the first results just seconds thereafter as your site is being crawled & indexed on a daily basis.
  2.  Test it - convince yourself of Site Search' seamless integration and its fully managed operations! Using the interactive evaluation gadget, you do need to adjust your website and integrate the Site Search searchbar to test its functionality. Simply use the gadget's searchbar as it would be integrated into your website already and search for terms you would like to find. Afterwards you can embed the same searchbar into your website using the code snippet from the gadget page.
  3.  Buy it- choose a plan and subscribe with a monthly cancellation option! Choose from a monthly or the more cost-effective, yearly payment option. And if you do not like our service, you can cancel it anytime.